High School Students and Teachers

Get Kids Into Surveying

The Trig-Star contest is an annual high school mathematics competition sponsored by the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS). The contest, which is based on the practical application of Trigonometry, recognizes the most proficient students from high schools throughout the nation, as well as their teachers. Surveyors in local communities work with high school teachers to bring the program to their local schools. Awards presented to the winners vary among the local, state, and national competitions.

 The national competition awards are presented by NSPS, as follows:

1st Place Student – $2000.00 • 1st Place Teacher – $1000.00
2nd Place Student – $1000.00 • 2nd Place Teacher – $500.00
3rd Place Student – $500.00 •  3rd Place Teacher – $250.00

For more information about Trig-Star, the scholarship, or to contact your state coordinator click below.